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Sarajevo College

Sarajevo College

Sarajevo College is a private educational institution which exists and acts within the framework of Bosna-Sema educational institutions, founded in 1996 with the aim to give help and support to the educational system of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Sarajevo College has signed the Protocol on cooperation with the Federal and Cantonal Ministries of Education. This institution was founded in 1996 and it is classified into a big world family of more than 700 such and similar institutions all over the world.

Sarajevo College is a member of ECIS (European Council of International Schools) which is an association of such and similar schools. Sarajevo College also financially supports pupils and students not only in Bosnia but all over the world too. Special attention is paid to the children of poor families, in the sense of material support and education.

Sarajevo College has a reconstructed campus in Vraca and new campus in Sokolović Kolonija which satisfies all necessary conditions for education of 500 high school students. By investing considerable material means in equipment and educational process according to the highest European standards all  the campus is completed.

The educational process and communications at Sarajevo College since its very foundation in 1996 has been done in English, Turkish and Bosnian in modern equipped classrooms and laboratories according to the latest European and world standards. The College is of boarding type and the students have facilities for wide range of free activities at their disposal, complemented with various programs and all that under the supervision and care of their tutors. For their free time activities students have at their disposal many facilities as modern cinema theatre with the capacity of more than 500 seats, modern equipped information centre which is non-stop connected with the world and the new football terrain with artificial grass. The system of education is being executed according to the Curriculum of the Federal Ministry of Education in classes of not more than 20 students so that the individual contact can be done with each student. The new Fitness Centre which will fully satisfy the needs of all students in sports and physical education is available.

Sarajevo College has already been for many years a successful organiser of a Scientific Fair. Since its foundation, i.e. 1996, Sarajevo College has been the host for the Competition in English of the primary schools students of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

The educational process in such a multimedial milieu is being conducted by experienced teaching staff who have gained their knowledge and experience at the most prestigious universities all over the world.

The students acquire their knowledge at cabinets and laboratories according to the most contemporary world educational standards, so the Sarajevo College gives full contribution to the harmonization of Bosnian education with the European standards.

The graduates of our College enrol the desired faculty in the ratio of 100% and nearly a quarter of them continue their studies all over the world from Austria and Turkey to America.  That we are a big family which cares about their students proves the foundation of the Association of the alumni of the College who care about their former fellow students even after they get university diploma and help them to find a suitable job.

During the past years Sarajevo College has achieved magnificent results, which ranks it into the best educational institurions in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The continual success of our students at Federal as well as at State and world competitions are the best confirmation of the above statement. Irfan Glogić, Emir Kumalić, Salem Malikić, Dino Oglić,Admir Greljo as multiple winners in various disciplines, are only a few of tens of awarded students of  the College.

The achievements do not end here. Sarajevo College has been successful in sports too. We have the members of State representations in table tennis and karate. Our basketball club “Sema” competes in the Sarajevo Cantonal league. 

Our students also take part in humanitarian actions and regularly collect money for the poor of our country and regularly take part in other humanitarian actions.

The acknowledgment of quality of work of our professors as well as the managing staff and all segments of the School is the Letter of Gratitude sent to our School from Electro-technical   Faculty Sarajevo in which they praise our educational results stating that all our former students are among the best and point out Jasmin Kevrić  as one among the best ten students ever enrolled at their Faculty.  

Sarajevo College has been for a long time a part of Bosnian reality what oblige our management to go even further into modernization of educational system, communications, curriculum and introduction of new European educational trends.


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